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Member Presentations

MERL Center members present on topics at the intersection of MERL and open source, data science or human-centered design at conferences held around the globe.


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Upcoming Presentations

We don't have any upcoming presentations scheduled. If you know of any conferences that MERL Center should present at with members, please add it our M & E Conference Event List

Past Presentations


SAMEA 2022 - HCD approaches to M&E Capacity Development

Mutsa Chinyamakobvu

Mutsa Chinyamakobvu

This presentation was part of a series of workshops given by MERL Center members at the 8th Biennial South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association conference. The title of the session was MERL Center - Open Source Tools and Processes for M&E, and it provided participants with an introduction to open source MERL tools, processes and approaches, including for data science, human centered design, and MERL in general. Mutsa's presentation focuses specifically on Human Centered Design approaches to M&E Capacity Development and draws from her extensive experience in this space.

Watch: Video | PDF


Mozfest 2022 - MERL Center

Mala Kumar
Ben Kinsella
Stephanie Coker
Eric Jahn

Mala Kumar , Ben Kinsella , Stephanie Coker , Eric Jahn

Hear from four members of the MERL Center about data maturity, APIs for human services, and mapping MERL and tech workflows.

Watch: Video | PDF

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